9 Best Free SEO Audit Tools List For Site Speed, DA, SEO Issues And More.

9 Best Free SEO Audit Tools List For Site Speed, DA, SEO Issues And More images

For an SEO professional, it is important to understand how the SEO audit is performed well. These days there are many types of best free SEO analysis tools available that can help you to make a report for SEO audit analysis.


These days, digital marketing now depends on different types of tools, it can be page speed checking too, website traffic checkers, website UI UX experience checkers, website domain authority checkers, website backlink analysis, etc. It is difficult to find the best free SEO analysis tool that can help with resolving all the major issues related to SEO performance difficulties.


Before starting, we need to understand that which are the tools that can help you to complete your SEO audit for a website or blog.


Why Need To Do SEO Audit?

The main and primary purpose of conducting a search engine optimization or SEO audit is to find the areas of improvement and take a step to fix all of those issues easily to improve a website's search engine rankings. As per the fact, it helps businesses to manage all the changes on their website for search engines and drive more relevant and organic traffic.


Apart from all of these, if you are an SEO agency and you have a new client, then making a detailed analysis of an SEO audit can help you to make a great proposal and help show them the issues that an SEO agency can solve for better performance.


Best Free SEO Audit Tools

Let's find the most important and trustworthy best free SEO checker tools below.


1. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insight is one of the best tools for checking a website's speed and performance. It helps you to identify the mobile and desktop website speed and issues.

 PageSpeed Insights Image

Also, it indicates the first contentful paint, largest contentful paint, total blocking time, cumulative layout shift, and speed index. Once you submit your website URL, it shows you some points between 1 to 100. The more points you achieve, the more the website speed performance.


It also tells you the treemap in detail which makes this tool different from others. It is a great tool for checking website speed issues and giving a detailed insight report in your SEO audit.


2. Moz

Moz is another very useful tool for SEO audits. It helps you to understand few a very useful information for free like link checker, domain authority check, ranking keywords, connected domains, etc. 

Moz Tool Image

Moz has introduced domain authority and is now one of the best factors for overall website ranking performance. The domain authority is a type of score between 1 to 100, the maximum your domain authority score, maximum is the chance to get great traffic on the website.


3. SEOSiteCheckup

When it comes to doing a detailed analysis for SEO, SEOsitecheckup is one of the top among best free SEO checker tools that you should try. Just submit your website or blog URL and wait for the analysis, it gives you an SEO score between 1 to 100.

 SEOSiteCheckup Image of Tool

It helps you to understand website overall issues related to meta tags analysis, Google search result preview test, social media signals, keyword test, keyword usage test, heading tag test, sitemap, robots, alt text, responsiveness, CSS etc test.


It provides you with a complete overview of the website issues and all of this is free with a restriction of 1 site in a day limit. You can also get their premium plan to unlock much more benefits.


4. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tool is one of the most amazing and growing SEO tools with a variety of free tools like plagiarism checker, article rewriter, free grammar checker, word counter, keyword analysis tools, backlink tools, meta tags tools, website tracking tools, and more. 

Small SEO Tools News

It has also a premium plan available with many more good benefits. Its free plan can also help an SEO expert to get everything they want to make an SEO audit. This is the best free SEO checker tool in our opinion.


5. SEOPtimer

SEOptimer is also a very useful SEO tool that can help you to do a good and effective SEO audit of your website or blog similar to seositecheckup. It tells scores between A to F in positive and negative format. 

SEOPtimer Tool Image

It gives you a detailed analysis of on-page SEO, links, usability, performance, social signals, etc. Using this tool you can identify the areas of improvement. like the header tags issue, internal and external link issues, meta tags, snippet, canonical issue, index issue, website mobile experience, desktop experience, page speed etc. This is also a very useful and best free SEO analysis tool for finding all the issues related to SEO for off-page or on-page SEO.


6. Google Search Console

Google search console formerly known as the Google Webmaster tool is another very useful and valuable tool provided by Google itself to track all the organic search traffic and the traffic keyword source. It gives you information in detail on overall keyword performance based on queries, pages, countries, devices, search appearance, dates, etc.

Google Search Console Tool Image

It tells you the details about total clicks out of total impressions, average CTR (Click-through rate), average position, etc. You can also remove the page you want from the search engine using this tool. It has a URL inspection tool using which you can find the issues related the indexing and live testing etc. 



7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the no 1 tool in terms of finding the overall growth organic, paid traffic, and referral. Even you can track the live available users on your website. It helps you with traffic reporting, e-commerce tracking, landing page data analysis, audience reporting, and flow visualization. 

Google Analytics Tool Image

By applying Google's machine learning models, this tool can analyze your overall website data and predict the future actions that any user can take in the future, but for that, you need to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of this tool.


8. Screaming Frog

When we are talking about the best free SEO audit tools, Screaming Frog is one of the best in this list. It is a valuable SEO tool for so many reasons like the comprehensive site analysis.

Screaming Frog Tool Image

It allows you to perform in-depth website audits to detect any kind of issue like broken links, errors, or incorrect redirects that may harm your website.


9. SemRush

SemRush is always the king in the SEO tool industry. There are several reasons that you should try SemRush at least for free, later you can go for pro. It has a great keyword research tool that helps you to generate keyword ideas, search volume, keyword difficulties and find long tail keywords that are good for you. Using this tool you can identify trends that occur within your industry niche. It is a great tool for competitor analysis.


SemRush Tool Image

Try SemRush for free today and enhance your website's overall performance. By using this tool you can identify your website's overall performance authority score, organic traffic, organic keywords, paid keywords, referring domains, website overall health, errors to fix, crawled page details, traffic analysis like the visits, unique visitors, page visits, average duration and bounce rate.


Why Do You Need SEO Tools?

SEO or search engine optimization tools are very important for so many reasons.


For keyword research, if you have a free SEO audit tool, it can help you to research well for keywords and help you to choose the best keywords having low keyword difficulties. This helps in optimizing your content on the page body to attract more organic and relevant traffic from search engines like Google.


Another very useful benefit of using SEO tools is that it helps you to do competitive analysis. Like what your competitors are doing and what you also have to focus on like top-performing keywords, content strategies, and backlinks. This information can help you for making a very powerful and effective SEO strategy.


On-page SEO is always very important. Free SEO audit tools can help you to identify weak areas on your website in terms of on-page like meta tags, keyword density, heading tags, and content structure to improve your page visibility in the search engine result ranking.


The free SEO audit tools give you information about the opportunities for acquiring backlinks from authoritative websites. Backlinks play a very vital role in improving your website's ranking and authority.


These tools are the best solution to find performance tracking. You can get information about the overall website traffic (paid, organic, and referral). You can perform overall performance in terms of keyword ranking, conversions, etc.


Reporting and analytics are other very useful benefits of these tools. These tools allow you to summarize all your SEO efforts like the overall traffic growth, backlinks growth, number of backlinks, strong and weak points, etc in the form of graphs and data.


Recommended Tool for SEO:-

In our opinion, Search Console, and Google Analytics are a must, after that, you can use SemRush for your overall performance. But the rest are also good and affordable in comparison to SemRush if you want to go for pro.


Overall we can say that above mentioned best free SEO checker tools can help you to analyze all the issues and help you to make all the important changes on your website using its machine learning algorithm and system.


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