Top Best PPC Ad Networks That Can Help Your Business To Grow


Top 8 Best PPC Ad Networks That You Should Know

Finding the best PPC or pay-per-click ad network is always the main core strategy which can easily impact the success rate of your campaign of advertising.


Each network and platform provides unique features, audiences, and reaches which can help to make a boom in different areas, making it important to know their demographics and strengths to select the one that aligns with your desired marketing goals and achievements.


In this blog, we will find and learn about the top 8 best PPC ad networks that are available these days. Exploring what each offers to come for the following areas which are:


- Audience demographics

- Ad formats

- Unique Features

- Advertiser best fit.

- Reach


Also note that while we refer to the following as pay-per-click ad networks, each platform gives different pricing options available for PPC clicks, video views, conversions, impressions etc. We are learning about the most popular or famous paid media ads.


1. Google Ads (Google Adwords)

Google Ads is always the most famous advertising network for Google search engines because of its immense reach of ads and its broad range of users. Google has an incredible advertiser opportunity due to it is the world's leading search engine.


Google Ads Image for information

Google ads use it's own search engine and Google's display network sites (where Google's AdSense is available for showing multiple ads for relevant audiences), which consists now of more than 2 million videos, websites and apps where Google displays it's ads for better conversions.


You can target your audience on the display network sites including remarketing (remarketing means showing ads to your old already visited website's audiences), customer match, in-market audiences and more.


Both display and search ad campaigns allow targeting demographically in gender, parental status, household, age etc.


By using demographic targeting you can narrow the available reach of ads, but it makes ads targeting more relevant for better conversions.


- Reach- Biggest pay-per-click (PPC) network with billions of regular (daily) searches and extensive reach through Google search, Google display network and YouTube.

- Ad Formats: Video ads, Text Ads, Display Ads, App promotion ads, Shopping Ads

- Demographics: Broad and diverse, interests, genders, all age groups and interests.

- Unique Features: Broad reach via YouTube, Google Display Network, and Google Search; strong analytics and targeting; AI integration and optimizations.


2. Microsoft Ads

Bing is the second biggest search engine network in the world after Google. Maybe it is the second search engine, but it has an impressive 650 billion monthly searches on its search engine. It was launched in 2009 by Microsoft Corporation and still it is very famous after Google.


Microsoft Ads logo which is very helpful

The Microsoft audience network provides native and display ads. You will find in market, remarketing, similar audiences, customer matches, LinkedIn audiences and many more great areas of opportunities in the Microsoft audience network which plays a very vital role in a great successful campaign.


Microsoft has many advantages of serving traffic of Yahoo search, Microsoft products, powering digital assistant voice searches like Alexa and the ability to target a great audience of LinkedIn profile data like the job functions, industry, company name etc. which makes a very big difference. You should know when it is about the quality, Bing is the second best option for you that you should never ignore.


Microsoft ads provide ads campaign import capability from the Google ads, streamlining the initial setup procedure and maintaining platform consistency.


- Reach: Great volume through Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and DUckDuckGo search engines.

- Ad Format: Slightly old demographics, higher household income, 35+ age group, business and professional users.

- Demographics: Image ads, text ads, video ads, shopping ads, audiences ads.

- Unique Feature: You can integrate with Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and LinkedIn profile targeting, cost per click rates.


3. Meta Ads

Meta Ads is now one of the biggest advertisement networks for both Facebook and Instagram which utilize extensive user data for great targeting.


Meta Ads logo image for our article

If you run ads on Meta, user targeting can be certain with interests, behavior, demographics etc. Facebook and Instagram support retargeting based on users' interests, user's activities, and user's intent through the advertiser's Facebook pixel data and upload list of customers. This is the great among PPC Ad networks that you should know about.


- Volume: Instagram has more than 3 billion active users across the globe, and Instagram has also 2.5 million active users in the world making the highest volume for ad targeting.

- Demographics: Bigger range of age, strong presence among 18 to 50 years old people, diverse interests worldwide among users.

- Unique Features: With detailed user data you can target highly. Advanced interest and demographic targeting are the main unique features of meta ads. You can integrate Facebook with Instagram, diverse ad formats with the great and strong performance tracking.

- Ad Formats: Video ads, image ads, carousel ads, collection ads, stories ads and slideshow ads. You can also boost your image or video uploaded for quick response and engagement.


It is ideal for detailed demographics, great social media engagement, interest targeting and strong tracking of performance. Better for awareness and upper funnel branding.


4. LinkedIn Ads

As LinkedIn is the product of Microsoft, it has the best B2B advertising platform in the business world. It provides a great platform for advertising opportunities for businesses that are looking to target career-minded and professional business social platform users.


Linkdin Ads are the great way to improve

Linkedin ads are a great platform for B2B marketing. They help to target your audience based on industry, job title, company size, seniority as well as user behavioral targeting and remarketing.


There are more than 900 million professionals on LinkedIn which makes a difference, and they can all be easily targeted using the LinkedIn ads by professional criteria.


- Volume: It has more than 900 billion professional users.

- Demographics: Business decision makers, professional and business-to-business marketers predominantly age between 25 to 65+, income and higher education levels.

- Ad formats: Sponsored InMail, text ads, sponsored content, dynamic ads.

- Unique Features: Professional Targeting is the main unique feature of LinkedIn ads.


LinkedIn is helping many businesses worldwide to target their audience for business purpose, lead generation, or generating quality conversions.


5. TikTok Ads

Tiktok has increased its audience worldwide within a few years due to it's unique feature which is Tiktok short videos. It is one of the biggest influencing social media platforms. This short-form video social media app has changed content consumption for digital advertising. It is one of the great apps to run your advertising campaign and generate leads or sales of your product/services.


TikTok Ads

Tiktok has great creativity, virality and entertainment which makes this app different from others. Tiktok offers a great option for advertisement with a highly engaged audience. This is the great among PPC Ad Networks that you should choose for your marketing campaigns.


Tiktok has more than a billion users worldwide (except few countries) and the app has great potential for advertisers.


- Volume: More than 1 billion active monthly users.

- Demographics: Users with a presence of 13 to 45 years old. The audience is highly diverse and engaged user base.

- Unique Features: You can engage a very young age audience with short-length video content and ad format which is innovative.

- Ad Formats: Top View ads, branded hashtag challenges, Feed ads, branded effects and more.


The audience of TikTok is very broad and you can target the audience based on their interest as interest targeting is a kind of way of finding people demographically based on their long-term interaction and interests with the content available on Tiktok.


6. Amazon Ads

Amazon is one of the biggest and most powerful PPC platforms of Ads for retailers that influence the extensive reach of the ecosystem of Amazon's e-commerce. It targets buyers ( who have already intent to purchase something mostly) of purchase, which makes it the most effective for brand availability and driving direct sales.


Advertising on Amazon is very easy with the amazon ads account

Amazon is a type of search engine for shopping which makes a big difference, millions of regular transactions on the website provide the biggest volume and detailed options for targeting to capture high-intent buyers. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world which makes it an even more popular, high-volume conversion-oriented platform.


- Volume: Over 310 million users on Amazon and millions of transactions every month make Amazon's e-commerce platform a great opportunity for retailers to invest in ads.

- Demographics: Targeting people based on specific groups for certain characteristics like gender, income, location, age, etc is the main demographic targeting option for Amazon.

- Ad Formats: Sponsored brands, sponsored display ad, sponsored products and video ads.

- Features: You can target the shoppers at the point of purchase when they search for a product on the top result product listing at Amazon's eCommerce platform.


7. Twitter Ads (Now X Ads)

Twitter or X ads deliver different types of options to reach a wide range of audiences. The X has 450+ million monthly active users worldwide every month. The user base of X is a type of mature audience or people who want to be there for news, connecting with others, and entertainment purposes.


Twitter Ads is a great platform for everyone

Marketers setting up these advertisements (ads) will find campaigns for consideration, awareness and convenience served on the platform of X.


Twitter has the most flexible ad formats as they can be included with videos, images, text and a carousel with options to include some very specific and important ad features like clickability to an app download or website right in the creative ad.


- Volume: More than 450 active users of X worldwide which makes this platform a great place for advertisers.

- Demographics: The ads can be targeted based on demographic details like the broad range of age, interests, news, entertainment sports etc.

- Ad Formats: Different types of ad formats are available like Image ads, text ads, video ads, carousel ads, moment ads etc.

- Unique features: promoted tweets, real-time engagement, accounts, and trends on the different types of platforms within the website.


8. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has a monthly active user which is around half a billion, it is a visual discover search engine for finding ideas like home, style inspiration, recipes etc. It has billions of pins (posts) on Pinterest which makes Pinterest a great platform for advertisers.


Pinterest Ads

Users on Pinterest are mostly female, making up 70% of the user population. Pinterest ads have so many major benefits like you can earn sales using the ads of your product or service, your ads can be shown to the users who are searching for something related, and you can also make a great brand visibility.


- Volume: Over 518 million active users worldwide.

- Demographics: Pinterest has a very great and growing Gen Z audience which is between 13 to 24 years old, a strong presence among 18 to 49 years old, and interests in recipes, fashion, decor, home, science, product or service makes it the most famous platform.

- Ad formats: It has so many types of ad formats which are images, carousels, shopping pins, video ads, showcase ads, collection and quiz ads etc.

- Unique features: Promoted pins, visual discovery platforms and very strong shopping integrations are the unique features.


Selection of the best ad platforms for your business-

Getting the best and right PPC ad network can make or break the efforts of digital marketing. Each and every PPC ad network provides a unique audience, great opportunities, and great ad features that help to run a successful ad campaign based on your conversion needs.


Different types of audiences can be available on different types of platforms, you need to think before creating. For Amazon product sales, Amazon ads and Google ads are a perfect way, For generating leads of professionals, you need to focus on Google ads and LinkedIn ads, also the same thing is applicable to other possibilities. If you want to know about other topic like search engine optimization or how serp works, you can find our other articles. Know more about digital marketing news here on Faminechoice. Subscribe our blog for more news on digital marketing.

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