Do You Know These Advantages of Link Building? Check How It Works


Advantages of Link Building – How To Create Backlinks and How It Works?

When we are talking about SEO, link building is a very important part of search engine optimization. Most of online marketers will always agree that creating backlinks or link building is a very hard task if you are doing a spam-free method for earning quality links.


Link building plays a very vital role in Off Page SEO. Before understanding benefits of link building, we need to understand what are backlinks first.


What Is Link Building or Backlinks?

It is a type of process of proactively finding new ways to generate a number of backlinks to your website from any other website or third-party website.


For example, if you have a medical store which is then you need to create backlinks of this website in the form of a hyperlink from the other relevant website which is called a backlink.


The main benefits of creating high-quality and relevant backlinks are to generate more referral traffic to your website or blog and give a single to the search engine bots that the website has more backlinks in the form of votes to rank well on search engines.


There is many point of discussion about advantages of link building for a website and blog, as per research, backlinks makes a brand even more visible after search engine. If your website get top rank, many blog or content writer start linking your page as an external linking option.


It is true that only backlinks are not enough for getting and enhancing your website ranking on Google SERP (search engine result pages), but yes, it plays a very vital role in SEO. Without creating quality backlinks you can't imagine a good rank or traffic enhancements. 

advantages of link building

Benefits Of Link Building

There are several benefits of creating backlinks for your website, blog or any other online portal or app, few of them are given below in detail step by step:-


1. Brand Awareness

Creating backlinks creates brand awareness of your online business/website. Brand awareness is the most important personality of your business which is very essential for any business growth and online reputation. Anyone who is looking to get a service/product or information from your website will always check your website's online visibility and brand value. Backlinks play a vital role here. This is one of the major advantages of link building.


Being available on the top of search engine result pages, you own a personality that dictates value and trust among your clients/customers or visitors. With consistent link-building efforts, you will start getting the title like the trending or popular brand in your industry which makes a very big difference.


2. Recurring Income

Any business operates at its highest level when there is a stream of income regularly. You can generate the revenue using the social media channels or the targeted website to generate regular continuous traffic that provides a regular way to generate more income organically.


As links are built over time, their effectiveness lasts for an extended period of time. If you gain a backlink today, the value will not change in a month or in a year.


benefits of link building

3. Enhance Domain Rating or Domain Authority

Domain scores or domain ratings are introduced by different tools of digital marketing related like Ahref and Moz to scale the website's overall score which is called as domain rating or domain authority. They have become a gold standard for websites measuring their stand in the global stage in SEO. The main criteria to understand it's score of are given below:-


- Number of quality backlinks you have created for your website.

- Good domain scores of the linking websites.

- Domain visibility and traffic from the search engine.


If you have earned these scores over and over time by creating quality backlinks or by making link building strategy then you will have great DA/DR scores. It improves your online visibility and boosts your search engine marketing efforts. This is another very useful and informative advantages of link building.


4. Better Ranking Factors

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo consider the number of links your site has when you want to rank on search engine result pages. These are the main advantages of backlinks that you should keep in mind when you want to start a link-building (off-page SEO) campaign. Having more quality and relevant links can help you to rank more in terms of competition. Be ahead in the competition using the quality backlink scores.

It is clear as per our experience that those websites that rank above 3 have double or three times of backlinks in comparison who are ranking below 4 to 10.


Once you create quality backlinks, it helps your website to get a ranking easily on multiple keywords at the same time. There are several ways that SEO experts have found that creating backlinks which is generated by the spam-free method has helped to generate ranking and traffic within a few days on the search console. These are another very great advantages of link building. 

benefits of backlinks

5. More traffic to your website

Being available on the top results of keywords on search engine like Google, Bing, yahoo, Duck Duck Go etc helps to generate more traffic. The traffic does not only the conversional or sales traffic, it could also be the educational-based traffic. The people who just wanted to know more about the services/product or the information that you are promoting on your website or blog. It also reduces the bounce rate and lowers the bounce rate more the good ranking and user experience you have.


Backlinks also make referral traffic which is mature traffic as per research. The people who land on your website using backlinks have clear intent and they know why they landed on your website and what is next that they want to do. It could be a purchase of product/services or downloads of apps or any other software (sometimes just for information purposes).


6. Helps build relationships in your relevant niche

A good strategy of link building campaigns involves reaching out to other creators or experts of quality content in your relevant niche.


For example, if you are creating backlinks using blog commenting or guest blogging, the same niche people may follow your link to read more and to find what exactly the backlink is related to. If they find the information or the web page important or relevant then they may spend some more time on the page which can make a lower bounce rate. This is a very great among advantages of link building that you should know about.


It helps to make good relationship. So next time whenever they need any information related they may find the article or product/service page of your website.


This helps to make a personal net worth growth of contacts. It also raises the profile of your web page or website amongst others in your relevant niche or industry.


Making a niche guest posting, classified submission, blog commenting, profile creation and directory submission for creating quality backlinks is always the best way to attract more relevant niche visitors on your website.


7. Boosts revenue and sales

The more backlinks you have, the more traffic your website will get. The more traffic your website will get the more sales of your product/service will be generated. As per research, there are often many chances of getting sales of your product or service organically in comparison to paid marketing. This is one of the most important point among benefits of link building. It plays a very vital role in benefits of backlinks, always focus on creating a very useful and result oriented backlink strategy.


advantages of backlinks

For example, there is a keyword "Buy Samsung smartphone with a good camera" and you have run a paid ads ppc, and you are getting 1 sale by generating every 100 clicks on your website. But in SEO the story is different, the more clicks you have the more sales you have. For the same keywords you may generate 1 product sale on every 50 clicks which is more affordable, result-oriented, with great return on investment and makes your website have more brand value as you are already ranking on organic searches.


Not only the product/service sales generated by the organic traffic from search engines, but even the referral guest blog and another backlink can generate more sales which is also a very good thing in the organic process of search engine optimization. above mentioned benefits of link building are practically proven and possible as per our own years of experience.


Ways To Generate Link Building:-

There are several ways you can generate backlinks or make link-building. Each and every method has it's on credibility and importance in off-page SEO. A few of them are given below step by step:-


1. Social Media Bookmarking

Social media bookmarking always plays a very vital role when we are talking about creating quality backlinks. It helps your web page to index even faster and increase the backlink juice instantly. There are so many types of websites by using you can generate social media quality backlinks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Gab, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Twitter (X), Fark, Weheartit, Scoop, Bibsonomy, Get Pocket, Flipboard, Reddit, Diigo Etc.


2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to create very high-quality backlinks to increase your website's search engine ranking even faster. All is you need is a quality content article and post it on different types of blogging website which can help to generate quality content for it. Few instant approval guest posting websites are medium, linkedin etc. By creating good guest posting you can get benefits of backlinks that we are talking about above.


3. Classified Submission

Classified Submission always plays a very vital role in SEO. Classified submission websites allow you to post content on their web pages as a new post and you can create a hyperlink to your website which is a quality backlink.


4. 2.O Web Creation

Web 2.O is another very useful and valuable way to make link building. It helps you to allow an exclusive subdomain website that can easily be indexed by search engines. You can create multiple pages and post regular blogs on these 2.o sites to make backlinks to your website or blog. There are several types of 2.o website creation like Wordpress, Medium, Wix, Squarespace, Google Sites, Drupal, Hubspot Etc.


5. Directory Submission

Niche directory submission is another very popular method to create quality links for your website (Backlinks). It helps your website to gain more traffic and enhance users to find your website on particular niche directory lists. By creating directory submission posting you can get benefits of backlinks that we are talking about above.


6. Infographics Submission

Infographics are very popular as it is graphical representation information of data, charts, minimal text, combined with images etc. Infographic's backlinks allow you to be ahead in competition of images, this is also the major benefits of backlinks using infographics submission.


7. Video Submission

Video submission is one of the very useful methods. All you need is to create videos and post it to different video submission websites available on the internet which allows you to put your link as well.


Advantages of Link Building, How To Create Backlinks and How It Works?

Apart from all of these, there are many more methods to create quality backlinks like broken link building, profile creation, business listing, image submission, etc. These methods are proven methods in SEO and always deliver results. Apart from this, On-page and technical SEO always plays a vital role.


You guys need to understand that applying only an off-page link-building strategy is not enough at all, each and everything is important. On-page and off-page are also a very important strategy that you need to work out.


As per my own past experience, we had a client who is related to manufacturing of rivets in the USA. The client hired us just to create backlinks, but we have suggested to him so many times that on-page and technical page SEO is very important but they told us to make backlinks for their website.


Once we have started after 2 months the client starts seeing the results, but the results are temporary because there is no on-page and off-page SEO implemented correctly. After 6 months of work finally, the client agreed with the other important component and we have started implementing on-page and technical SEO implementation on the website.


Within 2 months the website gained 200% traffic and ranking growth and the client was surprised and disappointed that they had not listened to us for 6 months. Continuously the client with us and now he is getting enough B2B leads for its business every day.


The above success story is very important to tell because SEO is something very sophisticated thing and each component is important.


Hope you guys understand this. If you think that we are able to help you with our blog and content that is related to your needs, please leave a comment below and contact us for any help related to SEO, we have a team of experts who can help you with the ranking and other factors.


We have also a content writing solution that is plagiarism and spam-free. We do not use AI tools to write any article or blog, we do research, collect point, and write articles accordingly.


So these are the benefits of link building, have a great time!

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