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How to get Google to index my site iMAGE

Google is the biggest search engine giant in the world. If you have a website with multiple pages, you always may face issues related to Google indexing or crawling. By reading this blog, you will be able to index your website on Google easily. Before starting, let's find how to crawl a website on Google easily and find the issues happening.


Before starting, let's understand about the Google indexing issue.


How Google Index A Website On It's Search Engine?

When we create or update a new web page or blog page, after some time, Googles bot or crawler will come to your website to read the content. If the bot finds your article or content relevant, unique, and plagiarism-free it saves your web page or website data and information on its database for search engine result pages.


It depends on Google how much time it will take to index your website depends upon how frequently you post content on your website. If you update content just 1 or 2 times a month or year, Google sends the crawler accordingly, if you are a frequent content updater then the bot will come to your website on a regular basis.


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How To Get Google To Index My Site? Steps Are Here:-

There are several ways using which you can index your Website or blog URL. Let's find the reason how to crawl a website easily without effecting any policy or algorithm of Google. Few of them are given below step by step.


Check Nofollow Attribute.

Before pushing your URL, you need to check whether the website has no follow attribute or not. The nofollow attribute helps the website stop being indexed on search engines using links with a rel=”nofollow” HTML tag applied.


Do Social Bookmarking

To push URLs for indexing, you should do social bookmarking. It helps your website to get ranked as it makes a signal to the crawler to check the web URL for crawling.


There are many types of social bookmarking websites that can help you to make bookmarking, few social media bookmarking sites for indexing your URL are given below.


Ping Submission

Website ping submissions are a kind of online service that website owners use. You just need to submit your URL, and main keyword and submit, after it notifies search engines and other directories of websites about their website's content update.


This helps to crawl or index your website even faster. A few reputed ping submission websites are given below:-


Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to solve a particular website's crawling or indexing issue. Find the related keyword on Google and put "leave a comment", after finding the websites and submit the name, email, URL, and comment in the box that looks natural. This could be the best solution for how to web crawl a site easily using a very high quality backlinks. It helps to increase your particular URL's backlink and increase chances of indexing.


Classified Submission

The classified submission also does the same, you need to put classified ads on the reputed website and mention your URL as anchor text on it or sometimes just a naked URL. It helps to increase the possibility of your URL indexing.


Submit on Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

Search console is a great tool by Google. It helps your website to index even more easily and quickly. Just visit and find URL inspection (but you need an already approved search console for your website).


Click on the inspection tool and submit your URL. After submitting, there will be two options "request indexing" and "test Live URL", click on both one by one and submit. Once you have submitted, go to sitemap and update the sitemap one more time.


Wait For 48 Hours

Once you have done everything mentioned above, you need to wait for some time. If the issue occurs again, then start the process one more time and this time your web page URL will be indexed.


What Are The Reasons Google Not Indexing Your Website?

There are several reasons why your website is not getting indexed or crawled. A few of them could be content quality, site structure, site speed, sitemap, not enough backlinks, crawl budgets, redirect issues, canonical tags-related issues.


You need to understand one very important thing Google's algorithm prioritizes content which are well structured, original, engaging and provides a very high quality value to the visitors or the users who come to see your website for purchasing products/services or just for information.


A proper website structure can help with indexing, a good website speed plays a crucial part in SEO. If your website has Sitemap xml then it is good, if not, you should have it immediately, Also sitemap HTML is the best option that you can understand.


It was a time when Google immediately index your website by submitting on a webmaster, but over time, they have updated their algorithm and process to index a website page and content.


There are multiple reasons for that because Google is user-oriented not business-oriented. So always write and create content that is unique and trustworthy instead of trying to sell something. This is all about how to get Google to index my site.


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What Are Google Bots Who Index Our Website?

Google crawler ("Googlebot") is responsible for reading your website for indexing on it's Google database.


The bots visit one page to another within your website to read everything, not just only the content but even also the coding. There are different forms of site rendering and crawling that Google bots do, few of them are:-


Google Desktop, Google smartphone, Ads bot Google, Googlebot News, Googlebot enterprise.


Hope you are able to find the answer of how to get Google to index my site easily without using any spam method. If you think our blog helps you, please leave a comment below.


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