Tips of SEO for Travel Website: How To Increase Traffic Easily


Tips of SEO for Travel Website: How To Increase Traffic Easily

Are you finding a way to enhance and increase traffic to your travel website? Then this blog is for you. You need to follow all the very important tips below step by step.


The travel industry is one of the biggest industry in the world. As per the research, people spend roughly 4.1 trillion us dollars every year on travel expenses in form of hotel booking, flight booking, sightseeing, and transfers related to it.


It is one of the most popular industry in the world and now each and everyone is looking to book their travel related services like hotel, cab, flight, train etc or a complete package through online portals or travel experts.


Travel SEO helps website to get it's visibility in SERP or search engine result pages only if implemented effectively. There are so many different types of strategy that a good SEO expert or a team can apply on your website to gain more traffic organically. So if you are finding a good travel SEO services then you should hire them only after reading this article, after reading here you will understand that what are the main important things that you need to apply on your website.


SEO for travel website is looks like the same from outside, but in actual it is a totally different story. Writing and updating content on your website is the only key for your success.


A good keyword research can help your website new pages or blog to rank well, easily and effectively is the key to success. Keyword research is not easy, it can only done by a professional travel SEO expert who have years of experience for implementing SEO strategies.


In this article, we will discuss about proven strategies for travel SEO which can help you to get ahead in Competition in SERPs.


| SEO tricks and tips for Travel World Business

Numerous elements of travel SEO, like keyword research, backlink development, and image optimization, are similar to those of regular SEO.


But, there are many challenges that face by travel sectors, for example, there are many people who are searching for keywords and terms to find travel info and a very low chance to convert on the first visit. It means there are many people who are generally visit the website particular page using search engine just to enhance and increase their knowledge etc.


Internal linking is also a very big issue. As per many people sometimes the searchers may ask their queries for a particular specific thing. For example "Delhi hauj khas important area to visit", here Delhi is a capital of India, hauj khas is a very important place and the searcher is looking to get info about nearby areas information to visit. This is the main thing which actually work in travel SEO.


How to use travel SEO keywords to improve the performance


1. Know your keywords

Creating a good keyword list which is effective is a very important thing for your successful SEO optimization. To get started, you can research on keywords related to your service pages on Google's Keyword Planner.


Google keyword planner is a very powerful tool and is free of cost to use for your SEO practices. You can get the idea about how many searches on a particular keyword on monthly basis as per location targeting (Country). You can also find your keyword related to local search. Find your strategy of SEO for travel agency which help you to find relevant and important keywords.

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For Example if you have a page related to "travel packages for Niagara falls from Dallas" then you can find using the Google keyword planner. It will show you few information that how many people search this keyword on Google and the competition (high or low) on this keyword. Isn't it amazing?


You can use these keyword on anywhere you want. For Example:-


- Blog Posts

- Service Page

- Meta Description

- URLs

- Social Media

- Online Profiles and Directories etc.


2. Keyword Strategy

Keywords are a great way to attract organic travel SEO audiences. But it does not mean that you do not need a strategy behind them.


Use a keyword strategy which is oriented to travel domain and travel field of work. Travel Industry is a broad industry and the SEO needs to be done differently


3. Regular Blog Update

Regular blog posting is the key to success. If you are a travel related business and promoting your services in form of travel packages or travel transfers or any other services related to travel industry. Then you should focus to update your service pages first with a good amount of content with a good keyword strategy. Later you can update your blog on regular basis.

Minimum you can post 1 blog on each week that should be a SEO friendly blog oriented to user interest. You can show them new places to visit in your blog. One and a very important thing is that never use an AI generated content. So if you are finding to do SEO for travel website then this is the best time by doing some regular blog updates.


3. Avoid AI Content For Travel Blog

Being any kind of online business, you need to avoid updating content generated from Artificial Intelligence content writing tool like Chat GPT etc. Google is user oriented company and have believe to provide original information instead of AI Generated content to the user. If you have a website and you are update content using AI Generated, then you are doing a big mistake.

Google's bot and machine learning system is the most finest technology, they will always detect your AI generated content. AI generated content have a quality issues and these tools use already updated content to rewrite them which is against the policy of Google. If you are looking for travel SEO services  then always check are they using AI content, because AI content is very bad for your website.


So never use AI Generated content, instead you can hire a professional travel content writer who write an authentic content for your website after doing some research.


4. Make Action Plan

Always make an action plan for your online travel business. Make a strategy and divide it into 4 parts. For example, first start with finding topic for your website, do keyword research with help of a professional travel SEO expert, then start writing content with help of a professional travel content writer. Once you update the content this is the time to promote using SEO (off page and on page strategy) There are so many things that you can do for your website in terms of travel SEO. Few of them are given below:-


A- On Page SEO: In this strategy you need to focus to write meta tags like meta keyword, title and description. Later you can use internal and external linking in your content, then time to focus to write SEO friendly short url. Use the main keyword in your H1 Tag, optimize image and write SEO friendly alt text for image, increase page speed etc.


B- Off Page SEO: In this segment, you need to create backlinks for your website pages. Start building links using some strategy which can be classified submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting, profile creation, business listing, 2.O website creation, guest posting, forums submission, Brocken link building etc. Of page strategy plays a very vital role in SEO for travel agency.


5- Hire A Professional Travel SEO Expert

If you are not able to do that, you can hire a professional travel SEO analyst for your travel blog or website. You can generate relevant and travel niche based organic traffic from your website.


A professional travel SEO services can help you to get the ranking on keywords on search engine which help to generate huge amount of traffic and travel leads for your travel business needs. So always focus to hire a professional Travel SEO expert for blog or website.


Benefits of Doing SEO for Travel Blog

There are so many benefits of doing and applying useful techniques for doing SEO for travel blog, few of them are given below:-


- It Brings Organic Traffic To Your Website or Blog: SEO is one of the best technique to increase and enhance organic traffic to your website on one or more keywords, which is always free of cost.


- Generate Leads: You can increase unlimited leads using SEO for travel blog or website. It can help your website to rank on particular keywords and pages and generate leads which is also free from Google.


- Increase Brand Awareness: For a travel business, online reputation and brand awareness everything. You can get amazing brand awareness online on search engine if you do SEO. As it' has son many benefits.


- Increase Domain Authority: Doing SEO for travel blog is the best way to increase domain authority score of your website domain.





For a successful SEO strategy, you need to use professional and useful SEO Tools. Few of them are given below


Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the top most used SEO tool in the world. It is free of cost completely which makes it a very useful for everyone and you can track all the analytics data here. It has so many powerful features for travel website SEO, few of them are given below:-


1. Traffic Reporting: You can track your travel blog or website's daily visitors number and their origins are disclosed to you in the basic level reports. You can track the traffic source like from Search engine, social media, direct or website etc.

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2. Conversion Tracking

You can track your conversion in form of lead generation, transaction etc. It helps you to keep track of all your transactions online also the traffic source of transaction done.


Search Console

Google search console or formerly known as Google webmaster tool is a very important tool that help you to view your website performance in detail on Google search console. It shows you how many times you showered up on SERP or search engine result pages based on your keywords licked that you have used on your website different pages. You will also get notified if your website is facing any errors or issues related to website availability on Google searches.


Google Business Profile (GBP or GMB)

Google business profile or formerly known as Google my business is a free tool that helps to create a separate listing on Google search and it's map for any business owners. You will likely seen it come up on the correct hand side of your search screen when searching for a local targeting keyword for example "shoes shop near me or shoes shop in Carrollton".

The profile helps you to create all the information related to your business like the info, services, contact info, business hours and even customer reviews too. It is also available on Google Map and if anyone is searching for the keyword which are relevant to your business they can find you. Get your travel SEO services with us today, for more information contact us now.


Google Trends

Google trends is another a very useful tool by Google. It helps you to check complete information about the wealth of data regarding what is exactly being searched for by a user on Google, these search queries can provide valuable insight into topics that are current, trending and popular. It is a very useful tool that help in SEO for travel website and can be used easily to get analysis.  This is one of the most useful tool as a SEO for travel agency and most of it’s features are free to use.


Small SEO Tool

Small SEO tool is another a very useful and powerful tool, you can use this tool for your website to find it's availability or indexing issue on search console and do a competitive analysis for your business. There is a tool which is known as plagiarism checker, which can help your website content to find the copied content and detect it easily.


Manually SEO methods

For checking the quality of website, you need to fix below errors which can help easily to get ahead in On Page SEO competition, all these tools are great SEO for travel website methods:--


Robots.txt :- always find your robots.txt error by checking on so many robots.txt error finder. Make a robots.txt file which can help to search engine bots to find website’s sitemap xml file.

Sitemap.xml file: Update sitemap.xml file using search console methods on regular basis once you update content on your website.

Check website indexing issue: You can find website indexing issue on Google by finding some online tool or finding text “no follow” attribute in the view source section of website main home page.


Hope we are able to help you, if you think that you want to hire a professional expert SEO for travel blog or website then you can connect with us. We can help you much better as we have years of experience in the field.



Doing SEO for travel agency is not tough if you have a help of professional travel SEO advisor who have proven track record and experience. Thousands of travel websites are available and waiting for SEO implementation so don't waste your time just invest with us.


Leave a comment below if you think we are able to help you with our content. And get your SEO for travel agency today to reach your targeted goals for your business growth.

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