Apple 16 Pro MAX Latest Look & Info, Remarkable Upgrade Will Overcome The Market

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The 2k24 Series of iPhone is being developed already. The new report which is from the Taiwanese site Economic Daily News states that there are very big changes affecting, coming the next iPhone's design and development in terms of one of a smartphone's most important elements which is the camera. 

According to the information and report from Forbes, it says that the next iPhone or iPhone 16 Pro Max will be radically changed in one particular way: The lenses on the Apple iPhone 16 Pro. Still, it is unclear if this means the iPhone 16 Pro or the larger version which is the iPhone 16 Pro Max, or both. As iPhone 16 launch date is coming next year.  

Apple is setting a great store by revising the lens and camera apparently. Apple will use advanced molded glass lenses on the upcoming Pro model and this in turn means a thinner, lighter design. The lenses will be shorter with more good optical zoom magnification. And the lenses may allow It is claimed that the change will only change the telephoto lens. This is quite interesting because it's currently the main and only photographic difference between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone Pro has 3x zoom equivalent, compared to the primary lens or main lens, while the tetraprism which is in the Pro Max's telephoto lens means it can manage up to 5X zoom equivalent. 

It is interesting to know about to the telephoto lens, so soon after it has been upgraded for the Max.

The limitation of telephoto lenses is due to the difficulty of producing lenses and limited production capacity. This is the reason behind the preparation of materials has begun 1 year in advance, This is the first time this has been done as per the report. Apple will not be alone in using molded glass, we all know that Oppo and Vivo are looking into the process too. 

As per the report, the stakes were high, and then, as a result, the officials of Apple company visited glass manufacturer HOYA to ensure and check the lenses could be delivered on time. 

As per the source and latest report from Forbes with a previous suggestion that molded glass was on its process or way for Apple iPhone 16 pro and that it may lead to the intro of a super telephoto lens in the market, meaning one with a focal length of 300mm or we can say more than this. After comparison, the 5x lens on Apple iPhone 15 Pro max has a focal length of 120mm. 

If we talk about the cost, Estimated costs “will increase by 10 to 20 percent,” according to the report. It also said that “the flagship iPhone 16  model may experience price pressure next year. So let's wait for the Apple iPhone 16 launch date and probably it is coming soon in 2024, after you can buy the iPhone 16 pro max from the online or offline Apple store

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