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 Best Gaming Mouse In India

A Gaming Mouse is designed for gamers, and gaming mouse are very popular these days. You can find many options available online for best gaming mouse in India. With an adjustable sensitivity of a gaming mouse, which is configurable as some number of dots per inch or DPI. The higher the Dot Per Inches (DPI), the farther the cursor moves on the screen with the same quantity of mouse movement. 

Top Affordable Gaming Mouse That You Should Have:-

1. Zebronics ZEB- Transformer M Optical Gaming Mouse with LED Effect Lights (Black Color)

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse, Best Gaming Mouse For PC

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Well, Zebronics ZEB Transformer M Optical Mouse is one of the best and affordable and Best Gaming Mouse For Laptop or PC available in India. This mouse is designed for gamers who want the ultimate fusion of highest DPI. It's breathing LED Lights will give you a perfect gaming experience. This Mouse comes with 7 breathing LED colors. The ZEB-Transformer-M gaming mouse is ergonomically designed for long hours of comfortable use. The mouse is developed and designed to work on any kind of surface and comes with a plug-and-play installation without any need of additional software. This Mouse have a Dedicated DPI Switch that can toggle amid 1000 / 1600 / 2400/3200 DPI. It has a forward and backward button available which makes it more convenient for gamers to play. Few specifications are given below


- USB Interface

- Total 6 Buttons Available

- Button Life is 2.5 million times

- Cable Length- 1.8 meters

- Breathing LED with 7 colors.

- Upto 3600 DPI

2. Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse (White)

Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse, Best Gaming Mouse For Laptop
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Recently Redgear has launched it's gaming mouse which is available with RGB, Semi honeycomb design and with 6400 DPI for windows pc gamers. This is one of the Best Gaming Mouse For PC. If we can talk about it's specifications then it is clear to say that Redgear A15 is compatible with laptops, PCs, notebooks and any other devices with a similar input. It has multi programmable buttons available at both side of the mouse. With 6400DPI, you can experience a wonderful gaming mouse experience while gaming. It has a Gaming grade sensor for quick reflexes and quick movements. Few specifications are given below:-


- RGB Lighting

- Multi Programmable Buttons

- 6400 DPI Sensor

- Gaming Grade Sensor

- Lightweight

- Easy to Use, Plug and Play

3. Ant Esports GM 320 RGB Optical Wired Gaming Mouse (Black)

Ant Esports GM320 RGB Optical Wired Gaming Mouse, Top Affordable Gaming Mouse

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If you are a true game lover and want to buy gaming mouse online in India at affordable price then Ant Esports GM320 RGB gaming mouse is perfect for you. It has 12800 DPI for excellent gaming performance. The mouse is perfect for a good gaming experience. It is available in 8 programmable buttons and fire button. It support macro editing. The rapid-fire button will provides you the edge during intensive FPS battles and also good for MOBA/RTS Games. This could be a Best Gaming Mouse For Laptop or PC for you. Multicolor RGB lighting Easily turn the backlight on and off, or change color modes with a convenient switch at the bottom of the mouse. It also has an impressive optical gaming sensor, ensuring fast switching between different games. Ant Esports Gaming Mouse with 20 million clicks lifespan which comes with a 1 year warranty. It is compatible for PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation etc. Few of a very important specifications are given below:-


- Available with 8 programmable buttons

- 12800 DPI

- Grip is Comfortable and Ergonomic

- Optical Gaming Wired Mice

- RGB Backlit For Good Gaming Experience

4. HP G200 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse (Black)

HP G200 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse, Buy Gaming Mouse Online In India,

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When we are talking about for category "Top Affordable Gaming Mouse" with quality, then HP G200 Backlit USB Wired gaming mouse is a perfect example. With 3 years warrantly and adjustable 4000 DPI, this laptop is one of the affordable and Best Gaming Mouse In India available online. It's beautiful design makes it more comfortable to use. You can switch between six DPI sensitivity setting for a quick response to your demand of gaming for targeting, speed or maneuverability instantly. This gaming mouse is compatible for windows all version, MAC etc. Ergonomic design with All keyws can be programmable, profession gaming sensor, 500 to 400 DPI can be adjusted and RGB breathing lights are the main functions. Also Anti slip design makes it more cool to use. Few of a very important specifications are given below:-


- Mechanical Micro Switch

- All Keys Programmable

- Anti Slip Design

- Cool LED Light

- Scroll Wheel

- Ergonomic Design

- Mechanical Micro Switch

- Professional Gaming Chip

5. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury USB Gaming Mouse (Black)

Logitech G402 Hyperion Wired Gaming Mouse

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It's lightweight design, 8 programmable buttons, 4000 DPI makes it the best Gaming Mouse For PC, Laptop, and PlayStation etc. It has very high speed tracking, its fusion engine provides the highest gaming tracking speed of upto 500 IPS. Available in 8 programmable buttons which are customized. Switch between up to 4 DPI settings, from pixel-perfect aiming (250 DPI) to ultra-fast operation (4000 DPI). Customized to fit your gaming style. customize your mouse with 8 programmable buttons. Optical logitech software of gaming makes set up easy. Few specifications are given below:-


- 8 Programmable Buttons

- Fusion Engine HighSpeed Tracking

- Comfortable Design

- On the Fly DPI Switching

- 32 Bit ARM Processor

6. HP G360 RGB USB Wired Gaming Mouse

HP G360 RGB USB Wired Gaming Mouse

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HP G360 RBG Backlighting USB Wired gaming mouse comes with 6 programmable buttons, Customizable 6200DPI makes it more unique. If you want to Buy Gaming Mouse Online In India, then HP G360 is the perfect option for you. You can switch instantly between 6 DPI sensitivity setting for more precise targeting. It's ergonomic design is perfect for a good experience while gaming like WarCraft, Over Watch, Lol etc. It is surrounded with LED lights, which makes it more beautiful and unique. It has a great shape for grip, it's anti the slip three-dimensional roller is perfect for a good gaming experience. A very important specifications are given below:-

- Non-Slip Design

- Full Key Programming

- Ergonomic Design

- Professional Sensors

- DPI Adjustable

- Breathing Beautiful LED Light

7. Zebronics Cozy 6 Button Vertical Gaming Mouse (Black)

ZEBRONICS Cozy Vertical USB Gaming Mouse, Best Gaming Mouse In India

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Zebronics is a provider of gaming and electronic equipment. We can say that if you are looking for Top Affordable Gaming Mouse in India then this Zebronics Cozy Vertical USB Gaming mouse is a perfect option for you. There are total 6 buttons available to handle any functions such as backward, forward, DPI etc. The mouse supports near about 5 million click cycle to provide durability while you are a gaming enthusiast. The look, usability and feel is amazing of this gaming mouse. A few specifications are given below:-


- USB Interface

- 6 Buttons, DPI Switch

- LED Lights

- High-Resolution Sensor

- 32000 DPI System

- Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

It is clear that the gaming industry is one of the biggest industry in the world. People love to play games, hence there is a need of gaming laptops and mouse. 

Why Gaming Mouses Are Popular?

People are finding Best Gaming Mouse For PC because gaming mouse is even lighter to use, also these mouse uses laser sensors and optical sensors for higher gaming experience. If you want to Buy Gaming Mouse Online In India at affordable price, then could be the best option for you. With a Laser sensor, it is easy to achieve high DPI which help to increase more sensitivity of the gaming mouse. 

There are many reasons why the gaming mouse industry is growing. Restrictions and lockdowns imposed by Covid 19 have led to online schooling and working from home, while the growing popularity of digital payments has contributed to the increased demand for online gaming. The gambling industry is growing and there is more investment to meet demand. 

The gaming industry is one of the most growing industries across globe. In my opinion, due to the lockdown in covid 19, people were working from home. This could be the reason why the gaming industry has got high in sales. 

Research shows that games are a very important thing for healthy development in early childhood and beyond. Video games are beneficial for enhancing cognitive functions such as problem-solving, memory and multitasking etc. So, video games help you to stay sharp mentally, reduce stress and even increase your creativity. 

It is also proved that if you are a pro player then video games can help you to generate money. There are many platforms which provides earning for playing money as video game owner wants to know the user experience from the experts, and experts are pro game players. 

Hope you love reading our blog, Please click on the above amazon buy button or offer button to check about the best price of Best Gaming Mouse For Laptop, pc etc. Leave a comment below if you want to say anything or suggestion. You can also check more products like headphones, Smartwatches etc. 

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