HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 9th Gen, Full Specification

Hi Readers, Hope you all are well. Today we have a very exciting deal about Gaming Laptop in India. Gaming Laptops are basically laptops for Gaming purposes, very fast and very good processing and graphics. These laptops are different from the other laptops which makes a big difference. These laptops are 7 times faster than other normal laptops. Gaming laptops are not only for the gaming purpose also for use of heavy software etc.

  We have today an amazing product which is HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop of 9tgh Generation Core 15 Processor, having a screen size of 15.6 inches and Fully HD Gaming laptop with 8GB of ram and 1TB of Hard disc + 256 GB SSD. With Windows 10 for 4GB NVIDIA GTX and 105/ Shadow Black This laptop is a real beast for game lovers. So what is different and what is the main thing which makes these gaming laptops differ from other laptops, lets discuss.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Short description
Laptop Brand
Model Name
Pavilion 2019
Screen Size
15.6 FHD (display)
Hard Disk
1TB 7200 RPM
DDR4 8GB Ram
Operating System
Windows 10
2.25 KG

  We will discuss today in detail first, basically, this Laptop is a brand of HP and its model name is Pavilion which is the model of 2019. Basically the item weight is 2.25KG using the batteries of 1 Lithium Polymer. Ram size is 8GB which gives an amazing speed and 1 TB of memory capacity. Flash memory installed is 256 and Ram memory installed size is 8GB, which is DDR4 Technology. Rotation per Minute speed is 1024 RPM of Hard disk rotational speed which is a hybrid Drive.

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  This gaming laptop is running on Windows 10 OS having Processor of intel 2.40 GHz Core i5. But the Main thing is its Graphic Card which is a 4GB NVIDIA GTX 1050 (Geforce) graphic card. Type of Display of HP Pavilion is LED Backlit with resolution of 1920x1080 which is a full hd display. So this is the full and complete specification of this Laptop.

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