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Gym at home? Lets Buy a Dumbbell Set which fits for you.

  Hi Guys, As you know Being healthy is Very good for a perfect life. If you are fit then it is easy to live a life without any issue like the disease or something. Most of the disease is due to we are not making our self-fit. Most of the peoples are going Gym and some are going for a morning walk on parks or roads for being fit. But Most of us we do not have enough space sometimes nearby for walk or exercising, and peoples are also avoiding gym for being fit. For these all reasons, the best option is to buy your own gym equipment for home and personal use.

Gym at home best ideas

  But it is not easy to you to find a good option that which is good or best gym fitness equipments for you. For that as per our regular gym instructor’s knowledge today we have something unique for you but only if you do it in the right way. 

  We have a set of dumbbells, Rods, zigzag bar, locks, and clippers and hand gym gloves for a perfect home gym with Best offer below in a very reasonable price, all weight of 20 KG PVC ( means 2 kG of 4 + 8 KG of 4) which is 20KG of weight. 100% pure leather Gloves for Gym, 5 Feet Plain Road, Curl Rod, Dumbbell Rods below.

So the next question is what is the right way for exercise with Dumbbells. You can take help of online tutorials on YouTube etc. The Best way of dumbbell exercising given and described by them is so perfect and unique. Dumbbells are good for Bicep, Triceps, Shoulder and Chest Exercise. But you can also use for Leg Exercising.

Few Best Exercises are below
Bicep: Hammer Curl, Standing Dumbbell Curl, Inclined Dumbbell Curl, Zottman Curl, and EZ Bar Curl. For each exercise, you have to do Minimum 15 of 2 Sets.

Tricep: Close Grip Bench Press, one arm dumbbell triceps, Underhand kickback. For Best you have to do   15 of 2 Sets minimum.

Shoulder: Barbell shoulder press, Bent Over dumbbell raise, dumbbell front raise. For best results you have to do 20 of 3 sets.

Chest : Dumbbell bench Press, Inclined bench press, Lying Fly, Incline FLy, Bent arm pullover. For Best Results, you have to do 20 of 3 sets.

 If you are not interested to do that dumbbell exercise then you can also choose below treadmill for your daily workout without going outside.

Hope you like our blog, if you have any suggestion please write a comment below and give your opinion.


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