Chail, India Travel Guide - a Beautiful and Quiet place

   Hi folks, hope you all are good, today we have Chail which is located in Himachal for discussion about why we need to go Chail for our Vacation? There are so many reasons, Chail is basically a part of Himachal Pradesh which is quiet and beautiful. This Place is the famous hill station which is 44 Kilometers far from Shimla. Beautiful hills, roads, people, food, Toy train, there are so many things to do in Chail. If you are a serenity and nature lover then chail is for you.

   There is also a Chail palace built by the king of Patiala or Maharaja of Patiala. There is a Polo and a Cricket Ground established at an altitude of 2445 m. Chail is surrounded by forests of deodar trees and Chir pine. You can easily view Solan and Shimla during the night from here.

Chail, India Travel Guide

How to Reach Chail?
By Road
It is well connected by road from Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh. People can reach easily by taking a cab.
By Air
Chandigarh is the nearest airport to chail.
By Train
Kalka Railway station is nearby to Chail.
By toy train
You can take a toy train from Kalka-Shimla railways to Chail railway station. It is also the beautiful railway station due to clouds coming down here. 

Things to See in Chail?

There are so many things to see in Chail, few are below.

Chail Palace Hotel, This Palace was built by the King of Patiala, but is now a Hotel, but people can easily come to explore the beauty and infrastructure of this hotel.Chail wildlife sanctuary, This sanctuary is very famous among wildlife lovers and bird watchers. There are so many varieties of Fauna and Flora in Chail. in Animals there are so many species found like wild bear, black bear, common langur, Flying squirrel, sambar and leopard etc. Birds have so many species also.

Chail, India Travel Guide 1

Chail Cricket Ground, This Cricket ground was established in the year 1893l by Bhupinder singh who was the King (maharaja) of Patiala. It is also the most famous cricket stadium in Himachal and India. This Stadium is now Maintained by Indian army due to it is situated in Cantonment Area. 

Kali tibba temple, It is a very famous temple in Chail. It is the famous pilgrimage place among Hindu's and you will also see some breathtaking views of Shivalik range and Choor chandni from the Temple. The views are so mesmerizing. 

Toy Train ride, if you want to have a good experience in your entire life, then take a ride from Chail to Kalkaji and return to Toy train. You can easily book it from Indian railway websites. This train is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site and also known as Queen of Hills. There are a total 102 tunnels, 919 Curves and 864 Bridges during the Kalka-shimla ride. Total length of this ride is 60 miles and is the most scenic railway travel in India with awe inspiring landscapes. 

Sidh baba ka temple, Sidh baba ka mandir is situated in Chail on a hill between Rajgarh and Pandhawa. As per the local peoples and recognition Sidh baba temple is defender of Chail's Success. 

There are so many other places which are important to see in chail are Gurudwara Sahib Chail, Stoned Kumbh shiv Temple chail, Maa Bhimakali ji, Mohan shakti national heritage park, Karol tibba etc.

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Sports activity in Chail

  Chail have to many things to do, Chail is famous for Beautiful mountains and Forests, but also famous for sports activities like :-Camping in Chail under Star Studded Sky, Take a night stay in Sonaghat which is located in chail for a night. It will not cost you too much, in INR it is Rs. 3500/- for a night with Stay, meals and Activities.Rock Climbing, Chail is also popular for rock climbing, ask your travel agent or Driver to take Rock climbing adventure services.Trekking, Chail has the best trekking experience, I was there in 2012 with my Grandpa and uncle in Gaura and Jhajja trek, which was the beautiful and most adventurous experience for me.Nature walk, Take a Nature walk in Pine forests in Chail. You can do nature walk anywhere, but pine forests are best for a real nature walk.

There are many more things to do like horse riding, Adventure safari etc.

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Food in Chail

  By the way there are some Traditional foods in Chail but there are very limited restaurants or Dhaba's who serve their traditional cuisine. But we have some famous places or restaurants for you where you will get something special while visiting, Some famous food points are Chail palace Restaurant, Sharma Vaishno Dhaba and Kanwar Bhojanalaya.

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