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Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes in South Asia - India

  India means a hub of Food lovers, a hub of Food chefs, India is very popular in its hundreds of verities in Veg and non veg. Today we have best famous veg dishes in India are very famous because of texure and taste. Few are below.

Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes india

Malai Kofta
 Malai Kofta dish is one of the famous dish in India, but apart from few places it is not a regular home dish for everyone, but you will get it in each and every restaurent and dhaba's (Indian local food points). Malai kofta is a mixture of fried dumpling balls (kofta) and Malai (Cream). Mostly it is made up with Mix vegetables or Paneer, Mashed poteatoes. This dish have an amazing texture.

Soya Chaap
 Soya Chaap is also a very famous dish in India. This dish is most popular in North India and North eastern India. It is loaded with Masala, soya chaap, bay leaf, and many other things in it. It is very tasty and texture is amazing. It has one of the best mouth watering taste if made with perfect ingredients and best recipe.

Kadhai Paneer
 If talking with indian dishes and no paneer dish is in the list, it cannot be happen. Kadhai Paneer dish is one of the best dish in India and is eaten by 70% of Indian peoples. This Dish have also one of the perfect texture and it is one of the most important dish in Indian wedding and other occasion. With delicious and mouth watering taste, this dish have flavour of little spicy and 'Khatta Meetha' kind of taste.

Shatter Paneer
 Shahi paneer is another dish of Paneer in India, but differen becuase it have gravy in it with paneer. It is made with Spice, reamm, tomato and paneer etc, which have an amazing texture and taste. This dish is little sugary but taste is one of the best.

Aloo Gajar Matar Sabji
 This dish is the most famous Dish because of made in each and everyon's home in Indi and also you can eat this dish in any restaurent or Dhaba. This dish is made with Potato, carrot and peas and saveral more ingredients like tomato, ginger etc. Taste is very  mouth-watering and  delicious. once try this dish.

Veg biryani recipe
 Veg biryani is one of the most taste rice dish in India. It is made with saveral vegetables and rice. It is made with Rice, mattar or peas, Carrot, potato, mashrooms, Gobhi and mixture of saveral tasty masala and masala leafs. Taste is mouth-watering and very amazing texture. Recommended.

 Chole is also a classic and easy to make dish. It is most favourite in North India and now it is famous in the world. Ingredients and texture is amazing, Made with using Chickpeas, tomatoes, onions along with ginger garlic pastes and saveral more masala.

 It is an Indian flatbread which is puffy and ready to eat with any Indian dish like paneer butter masala, or chole or any dishes. It is most famous to eat with Paneer dishes. it is made by using flour, water, sugar, yeast and yogurt. Texture and softness of this Naan is amazing.

Red Kidney Bean Curry or Rajma
 Rajma is also one of the most famous dish in India. It is very easy to make but most of peoples are using so much masala and unnecessory ingreadients in it, guys it is a simple dish, add some garam masala with normal ginger garlic paste and tomato, it will give you an amazing texture and taste. Must try once.

Rice Pudding or Kheer
 Kheer is very delicious dish which is used as Sweet in India. It is made with using rice, milk, almond, sugar, saffron, ghee, cardamom, Pista and cashew. It is also known as Payasam, It is basically a pudding in Indian style.

There are saveral more dishes to eat but today we have above, rest we will discuss on our another blog. If you need any help or something then just comment below and help others with your suggestions.
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