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Gokarna, untouched and unspoiled beautiful beach in South Asia

   Gokarna is a town in Karnataka having beautiful several beaches and many sightseeing places. Gokarna is located on Arabean sea. It is also famous for pilgrimage destination among Hindus.

Gokarna travel images

   Due to unspoiled, rusting nature and laid back, many tourists from west started to visit this place from several years. Several beautiful winding path leads to Gokarna beaches. In beach area several Rocky mountains are creating a scenic view of Gokarna beaches.

How to reach Gokarna

By Air, Debolim airport in goa is nearest airport for Gokarna which is 142 kms away. By Train nearby railway station is Ankola which is near about 20 kms fromm main Gokarna.

Places to visit in Gokarna

Gokarna have many places to visit few are below.

Om Beach

 Om Beach is shaped in two crescents which joined together. They are forming shape of Hindu symbol 'OM'. This is the reason it has the name Om Beach. It is main attraction in Gokarna, it has cleanest water and perfect for beach relaxation. Beach is unspoiled and untouched, there is no huge crowd as the other beaches in India have like goa or Mumbai. It is a good place for relaxation.

Paradise Beach Gokarna

 This beach is also another main attraction of Gokarna. This Beach is a paradise in Gokarna, around 150 meters long and near about 68% paradise beach is covered with Hard rocks and rest with pristine white sand. It is the perfect place for camping and other activities like cooking under the sky.

Mahabaleshwar Temple Gokarna

 Mahabaleshwar Temple is a Hindu temple of 4th century located in Gokarna. It was built with Dravidian Architecture and is a religious pilgrimage place. The Temple is of Lord Shiva also known as Dakshin Kasi. As per the History Mayuravarna of Kadamba (the first Kannadiga King) was creator of this temple and this temple as per historical evidences completed in 365 CE.

Shiva cave Gokarna

 This cave is also a tourist sport and have fascinating surrounding and views. This cave is consisting of Lingam (shiva lingam). there is another temple near to this cave where peoples come for their wishes fulfillment.

Gokarna hillstation travel images

Koti Teertha

 Holding great revenance among tourists and loccals this is one popular man made tank which is famous among tourists and devotees. It is closed just to mahabaleshwar temple. As per local believe bath taking by devotees, it is assumed that this offers spiritual ambience.

  Apart from all of these places, Gokarna have saveral more places waiting for your visit like Maha Ganapathi Temple, Shri Bhadrakali temple in Gokarna, Small hell beach in Gokarna, Balekan Beach in Gokarna, Jatayu teertha, Nirvana beach, Honey beach or honnebail, God's own beach, Shri mahalasa Temple of Siddhivinayaka etc.

Things to do in Gokarna

 Apart from all above sightseeing places visit, in Gokarna many things to do are waiting for you. It has many adventurous and non-adventurous things to do like few are below for you we have.

Beach Trekking, Beach trekking is one of the best idea in Gokarna. There are several Big stone and small hills waiting for you to be trekked.

Banana Boat ride, Banana boat ride is also a godo thing to do. Gokarna offers one of the best banana ride in Gokarna beach or in Om Beach.

Night Stroll, Strolling during the night on the beaches of Gokarna is one of the best experience for everyone. Explore saveral things on the beach like oyster as souvenirs with you for your relatives or for yourself.

Beach Yoga, Doing Yoga mudras on Beach is one of the great experience for everyone. Om beach or Half moon beach is best for doing om beach on Big stones just in front of beach during sunset and sunrise.

Ayurveda Massage, Gokanna offers one of the best relaxed Ayurveda massage in the World. Which will make you completely relaxed and your body will feel something good after the treatment.

Tree house living adventure, Yes Gokarna offers the best experience living on treehouse surrounded with saveral trees in Kuddle beach. This is the best thing you can do, apart from kuddle beach there are many more beaches where you can do this.
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Tarun Harit.

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